House rules

Check in
You can check in between 14.00 and 22.00.
We will contact you in advance about the expected arrival time.
If you arrive later due to impotence, you can always check in later in consultation.

You will receive 1 key at check-in. A second key is possible on request. In case of loss we charge € 100 for a replacement key. You have to take care of closing the doors and windows of your stay and switching off the lighting and heating.

During your stay you can park for free in the street or in the large parking lot across the street. Your bicycles can be parked at your apartment.
Parking is at your own risk and STATION 10 is not liable for theft and / or damage.

Free WiFi is available in our accommodation.
Password: station 10

We love animals, but for hygiene reasons, pets are not allowed in the accommodation.

Gourmets, plate grilling and frying are NOT allowed in the apartment. This causes greasy deposits on the walls and furniture and the smell lingers too long for subsequent guests, we ask for your understanding.

BBQing is NOT allowed, this to avoid inconvenience to the other guests.

You can deposit your waste in the appropriate waste containers. There are 3 waste bins in the kitchen to separate the waste. Empty glass, please also separate this, the hostess will clean up for you. When full, the waste bags can be brought to the underground waste depot at the Willem Alexanderpoort.

Receive visitors
You may receive visitors, if you inform us in advance. In case of emergency we need to know who is present in our apartments.
Your apartment is suitable for a maximum occupancy of 4 persons.
It is not allowed to stay in the apartment with more than 4 people.
No parties or noise please.
Always take the other guests and neighbors into account.

STATION 10 kindly requests that you tune music and / or any other noise to room strength so that there is no noise disturbance for the neighbors.
It must be quiet in the evening from 22:00 to 7:00!

It is not allowed to sleep the beds without sheets and pillowcases. You use linen from STATION 10, own linen is not allowed.

An accident is in a small corner. Please notify us if something is broken or broken so that we can replace things or possibly call in the insurance. It is often easy to solve.

To smoke
It is not allowed to smoke in the accommodation.


All kind of drugs are not allowed in the accommodation

Beds etc
Your bed is made upon arrival.
There are towels ready for you, of which there is sufficient reserve.
There are enough tea and kitchen towels in the apartment.

If you are not in the apartment
Do you want to close windows and doors and not leave appliances on?
Turn off the lights and keep the temperature down.

Flaws in the apartment
Please report defects to us? We always do our utmost to repair or replace items as soon as possible. For normal questions about the use of things in the apartment, you can always contact us.

Check out
The check out time is 11:00, during the check out we check the apartment together with you. The cleaning starts as soon as the check-out time has been reached so that everything is ready for the next guests in time.

Check list before checking out
We kindly request you to leave the apartment neatly. Do not leave any dishes, leave the dirt in the containers outside, pick up the beds and put them in the laundry basket with the other laundry.
We wash the moltons regularly, you can leave them on them.

Station 10
STATION 10 is located in close proximity to other homes. We kindly request you not to cause any inconvenience.
STATION 10 is an old mansion from the 1930s, in such old buildings can be a little earlier contact noise than in a modern house. We kindly ask you to take the neighbors into account so that everyone can enjoy their free time.


Terms and Conditions

STATION 10 points out that reservations you make are legally definitive. A 14-day right of withdrawal (the so-called cooling-off period) does not apply to the agreements you conclude with STATION 10.

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to all reservations and agreements related to the accommodation that are rented out by STATION 10.
1.2 In these General Terms and Conditions, the term "tenant" means: the person who concludes an agreement with STATION 10 with regard to the rental / use of accommodation and / or other facilities.
The term "user" (hereinafter also referred to as guest) means: the tenant and the persons specified by the tenant who (will) use the accommodation rented by the tenant and / or other facilities.
1.3 Agreements deviating from these General Terms and Conditions are only valid if agreed in writing.
1.4 These general terms and conditions apply regardless of your (prior) reference to any own terms and conditions or to other general terms and conditions.
STATION 10 disclaims all terms and conditions to which you refer or which are used by you.

2.1 STATION 10 only accepts reservations from persons aged 18 or over. Reservations by persons under that age are therefore not valid.
2.2 STATION 10 reserves the right, without giving reasons, to refuse deviating reservations, in particular groups, or to impose special conditions on them
2.3 If STATION 10 processes your reservation, STATION 10u will send a confirmation within 14 days after the reservation has been made. You should check this for correctness immediately upon receipt. Any inaccuracies must be immediately reported to STATION 10.
2.4 If you are not in possession of a confirmation within 14 days after making the reservation, you must immediately contact the reservation department, failing which the reservation cannot be invoked.
2.5 An agreement is concluded between you and STATION 10 when STATION 10 has confirmed the reservation to you.
2.6 The agreement concerns rental of accommodation and / or other facilities for recreational use, which by their nature is of short duration.

3.1 If you wish to make changes to the agreement after the conclusion of the agreement, STATION 10 is not obliged to accept it. STATION 10 is free to determine whether and to what extent these changes are accepted by it. In case STATION 10 accepts your changes, STATION 10 may charge you a change fee.

4.1 The tenant and other users are not permitted to hand over the accommodation under any name and for whatever reason to anyone other than the persons named in the agreement, unless otherwise agreed with STATION 10.
4.2 If you and STATION 10 have agreed that you and / or one or more users will be replaced, you will remain jointly and severally liable to STATION 10 in addition to the tenant and / or users who replace you and / or other users for the payment of the outstanding amount of the rent, the amendment costs (see art. 3.1) and any additional costs resulting from the replacement and any cancellation costs.

5.1 You owe De Gouverneur the agreed rental price, as stated in the confirmation of the reservation.
5.2 Price discounts and / or special offers can no longer be used if the confirmation of the reservation has been sent by STATION 10
5.3 All prices are, where applicable, inclusive of VAT, unless stated otherwise.
5.4 STATION 10 has the right to implement and settle price increases as a result of interim adjustments to statutory regulations or provisions (including, but not limited to VAT, tourist tax, insurance tax) on which STATION 10 has no influence.


6.1 In addition to the rent, you / the tenant also owe tourist tax.
6.2 The tourist tax contribution is determined by the relevant municipality of the location of STATION 10. You / the tenant are at all times liable to STATION 10 at the tourist tax rate determined and applicable by the relevant municipality.

7.1 Payments must be made before arrival by bank transfer or by payment in cash or by payment request to STATION 10.


8.1 The rented accommodation can be occupied from 2 pm on the agreed day of arrival, unless stated otherwise on the confirmation of the reservation. On the agreed day of departure, unless otherwise stated on the booking confirmation, the accommodation must be vacated before 11:00.
8.2 If the use of the accommodation and / or other facility is terminated earlier than on the agreed date, as stated on the confirmation of the reservation, the tenant is not entitled to a refund of (part of) the rent and / or costs by STATION 10. If you have taken out travel insurance and you meet the conditions set by the insurance company, you can submit a claim for damages for earlier termination of your stay directly to the insurance company.

9.1 All guests must adhere to the rules established by STATION 10, laid down in our house rules. You can read these rules in the information folder in your accommodation.
9.2 In accordance with local regulations, upon request, you are required to identify yourself upon check-in. If guests cannot show ID, STATION 10 may decide not to accommodate guests.
9.3 The accommodation may only be occupied by the maximum number of persons stated on the STATION 10 website for the accommodation.
9.4 STATION 10 reserves the right to make changes to the structure and opening hours of the accommodation.
9.5 For the purpose of carrying out necessary maintenance you will, without entitlement to compensation, allow work to be carried out on the accommodation or other facilities during your stay.
9.6 The tenant must deliver the accommodation broom clean (ie: do not leave dirty dishes, pick up and fold bedding, clean kitchen, refrigerator, put garbage bag in the container).
9.7 The tenant and users are obliged to use bed linen from STATION 10 at the accommodation.
9.8 In case of violation of the rules included in these General Terms and Conditions, and / or Regulations not following instructions from the staff, STATION 10 has the right to remove you, the tenant and any other user immediately, without refund of the rent or a part of it takes place.
9.9 If STATION 10 has serious suspicion that the tenant of the accommodation is acting in violation of the law and / or public order and / or morality, STATION 10 is authorized to access the accommodation.

10.1 Pets are not allowed in the accommodation.

11.1 The tenant / user and the person accompanying the tenant are jointly and severally liable for an orderly course of events in and around the rented accommodation, use of the accommodation and the equipment therein.
11.2 In addition, the tenant / user and the person accompanying the tenant are always jointly and severally liable for damage due to breakage and / or loss and / or damage to inventory and / or accommodation. Any damage must be reported immediately by the tenant to STATION 10 and immediately reimbursed on the spot, unless the tenant can demonstrate that the damage did not arise due to fault of himself, other users or one of the members of his party.

12.1 STATION 10 offers the tenant / user and the person accompanying the tenant access to the internet via a WiFi network.
12.2 The tenant is responsible for the correct use of the internet as well as the necessary hardware and software, configuration, peripherals and connections to support this and measures to protect the computer or operating system.
12.3 STATION 10 is not liable for damage resulting from the use of the internet or due to network malfunctions.
12.4 The tenant / user and the person accompanying the tenant must behave when using the internet as expected from a responsible and careful internet user and respect the legal rules. He will refrain from behavior in which other internet users are hindered or in which damage is caused to STATION 10 in the broadest sense of the word. The tenant / user and the person accompanying the tenant will refrain from visiting internet websites that are unlawful or that do not correspond to STATION 10's reputation as an accommodation provider.
12.5 STATION 10 has the right to block access to the internet, or not to block it entirely, without further notice, if it is discovered or suspected of nuisance from third parties and / or (other) internet abuse by the tenant / user and those accompanying the tenant.

12.6 The tenant indemnifies STATION 10 against claims of third parties for compensation for damage that these third parties could (try to) recover from STATION 10 in any way, insofar as this claim is based on the use that is made by the tenant / user and the person who to accompany the tenant, the internet is made.

13.1 If a reservation is canceled, cancellation costs are due.
13.2 You can take out insurance against cancellation risks by taking out cancellation insurance at the same time as your reservation.
13.3 If you have not arrived within 24 hours of the agreed date without further notice, this will be considered a cancellation. In that case you owe the full total amount.
13.4 The guest can cancel free of charge up to 5 days before arrival. The guest will pay the total price of the reservation if she / he cancels within 5 days prior to arrival.

14.1 In the event that STATION 10 is temporarily unable to perform the agreement, in whole or in part, due to force majeure, STATION 10 may submit a change proposal within 14 days of becoming aware of the impossibility of fulfilling the agreement ( for other accommodation / other period etc.).
14.2 Force majeure on the side of STATION 10 exists if the performance of the agreement is partially or completely prevented, whether or not temporarily, by circumstances beyond the control of STATION 10, including the risk of war, personnel strikes, blockades, fire, floods and other failures. or events.
14.3 You are entitled to reject the change proposal. If you reject the change proposal, you must make this known within 14 days after receipt of the change proposal. In that case STATION 10 has the right to dissolve the agreement with immediate effect. You are then entitled to remission and / or refund of (the already paid part of) the rent. STATION 10 will then not be obliged to compensate for any damage.

15.1 STATION 10 has the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect, if personal data of you and / or other users are incomplete and / or incorrect when booking. In such a case, no refund will be made of the rent or part thereof.

16.1 STATION 10 does not accept any liability for theft, loss or damage to or to property or persons of any kind, during or as a result of a stay in one of our apartments and / or the rental / use of accommodation and / or other facilities of STATION 10, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of STATION 10.
16.2 STATION 10 is not liable for service failures or defects in services provided by third parties.
16.3 You are jointly and severally liable with the user for all loss and / or damage to the rented accommodation and / or other property of STATION 10 arising during the use thereof by you and / or other users, regardless of whether or not this is the result of act or omission of yourself and / or of third parties who are in the apartment or on the grounds of STATION 10 with your permission.
16.4 You indemnify STATION 10 against all claims with regard to damage from third parties that are the result of any acts or omissions of yourself, other users, your travel companions or third parties who are on the premises or in the apartment with your permission.
16.5 If the accommodation is not used properly or left behind, including but not limited to excessive pollution, the accommodation will be charged extra costs, which you are then obliged to pay immediately.


17.1 Despite the care and effort of STATION 10, you may consider that you have a justified complaint regarding your holiday accommodation. In the first instance, you must report this complaint locally and directly to the owner, Daphne Keijzer Kooij, of your stay. The complaint will then be handled with the utmost care.

18.1 The agreement between you and STATION 10 is exclusively governed by Dutch law.

19.1 You are responsible for having the valid travel documents required for your destination. STATION 10 accepts no liability for the consequences arising from not having the correct travel documents.

20.1 All data that you provide to us will be included in a file. The database is used for our guest administration.
20.2 At your request we will correct, supplement, delete or shield your data, for example if the data is factually incorrect. This may mean that you can no longer use (part of) our services. You have the right to request us to inform you whether personal data relating to you is being processed.
20.3 With these general conditions all previous publications are canceled